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Dark Apothecary Shop Steampunk Statement Necklace
A simple recipe for a very special statement necklace! 


1) A single leaf from the Magic Faraway Tree (located deep within the Enchanted Forest) 
2) The almighty final roar of the Kraken
3) The Philosopher's Stone (not all of it mind, just one or two chunks will do)
4) The mating call of a lone bald eagle 
5) The deeply guarded secret of time travel 
6) One scream of terror from a haunted castle 
7) The naturally shed antler of an ageing stag 
8) Two puffs of fiery breath from a caged baby dragon 
9) A jar of dirt from the Pirate Queen's final resting place 
10) Essence of unicorn horn (harvested on the stroke of midnight, not a second later) 
11) A full set of freshly pulled vampire teeth (blood optional) 

Throw it all together in your favourite cauldron, mix with the light of the North Star and voila! Nobody else in the WORLD will have the same one! The length is adjustable via the lobster clasp fastening and extender chain. Shown on 7" display bust.

Dark Apothecary Shop Steampunk Statement Necklace