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Pair of Large Pirate Skull Charm Brooches
A pair of large, pirate themed brooches - these can be worn individually or as collar/lapel brooches on either side of a jacket or shirt etc. Could also be used to decorate a bag or scarf.

The red and black cameo centres feature an anchor and a pirate skull/skeleton lady. Framed by bronze tone cameo settings, each one has an array of pirate charms hanging from it, including; Victorian style pirate boot, shark (with movable hinged jaws!), treasure chest key, ship wheel, anchors, pirate queen skull, octopus/kraken/cthulhu, crow's nest binoculars and a retro treasure chest padlock. 

The anchor/skull cameo centres measure approx 40x30mm (not including the frame measurements). Each comes on a brooch back, ready to wear.

Pair of Large Pirate Skull Charm Brooches